Faster downstream applications

Linear Fragments Synthesis

Officinae Bio DNA synthesis provides linear, double-stranded DNA fragments up to 7.5 kbp and with industry leading fidelity. Designed for easier gene cloning, modification and applications including CRISPR/CAS editing, antibody development. IVT mRNA product, TAR genome editing and T-DNA.

  • Fragment synthesis up to 7.5 kbp.
  • Sanger verified DNA
  • Complexity as standard
  • From €0.25 per bp.

Officinae Bio unfair advantage

Sequence Perfect

We don't provide an error estimate because we deliver Sanger-verified DNA, ensuring you can confidently proceed to the next step without wasting time in time-consuming colony screening.


With up to 7.5kbp, we empower you to immediately execute even the most challenging applications, including TAR-mediated genome editing, plant metabolic engineering, and IVT for mRNA production.

Extreme nt bias

We deliver across a wide GC content range (20-80%) and handle complex homopolymeric stretches (polyG > 10), so you can design what you need, not just what you can synthesize.

Sequence complexity

From tandem repeats to long palindromic regions, we handle the most complex DNA sequences required to design and build your sophisticated therapeutics.

Our quality promise

DNA synthesis is conducted according to rigorous ISO 9001:2008 standards. Sequences are verified for accuracy via Gel Electrophoresis and for purity by UV absorption. We send nothing unless it passes QC; quality and function is our promise.
We’re so confident we won’t let you down, we’ll back it with a promise - The Officinae Bio quality promise - if it’s not perfect, you don’t pay a thing.

The extra touch

Your dsDNA fragments arrive optimized for your application of choice. We’ve spent 3 years training neural networks to solve synthesis and assembly problems with real world experiments. Our tools now allow for greater first-time application success, on even complex sequences.

  • Comprehensive optimisation for cloning and manufacture.
  • Scarless assembly optimisation.
  • Codon optimisation and troubleshooting as standard.
  • Average two colonies for sequence perfect clone.


Standard turnaround time (TAT) on custom cloning vectors starts from 11 working days days. With a greater than 93% as promised delivery success, it’s arriving when we say so. With synthesis you can rely on, you can be ready to go the moment your sample arrives.

  • Average 16-day turnaround time.
  • Lyophilized, linear dsDNA fragments.
  • Choose your purity grade from research level to endotoxin free.

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