RNA services

SKU: OB-2000 · Manufactured by: Officinae Bio, Srl

Officinae Bio offers a comprehensive suite of RNA services tailored to advance your research including DNA template synthesis, mRNA IVT and QC.

Our suite of RNA services includes:

  • Custom RNA synthesis across scales from 50ug to 5mg, ensuring precise quantity for your diverse project needs.
  • An RNA QC package, R&D grade, to guarantee the highest quality of your RNA with stringent quality control measures.
  • Advanced RNA NGS Sequencing, utilizing cutting-edge technology for in-depth analysis and insights.

Choose Officinae Bio for reliable, high-quality RNA manufacturing and analytical services, with fast turnaround times to meet critical deadlines. Perfect for applications in cell engineering and cell & gene therapy, our services are crafted to support groundbreaking research and development.


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