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AAV packaging service serotype 5

SKU: SRN-AAV5 · Manufactured by: Sirion Biotech GmbH

Sirion Biotech’s viral particle packaging service delivers guaranted viral titer in as short as 4 weeks . Batches are quality controlled by the most stringent criteria including quantifying the number of AAV genome copies using real-time PCR.

Serotype 5 is particularly suited for:

  • Retina,
  • Central Nervous System, and
  • Lung.


Available tites:

High Titer

1×1013 GC/ml (± 10%)


1×109 GC/ml (± 10%)

Custom viral packaging service has never been easier with Officinae Bio

You provide us with:

1ug lyophilized of your AVV custom vector

We deliver to you:

Titer guaranteed viral suspention in 1 ml (40% Iodixanol)

Do you need support to choose the right serotype? Get in touch with our application specialist through our chat bot.

Additional quality controls are available on request including:

  • endotoxin removal,
  • and sterility tests


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